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The Meijer Care Packager Heads to the University of Michigan

Keeping up with everything needed for a successful school year can be daunting for students. Busy schedules, limited transportation and more can make getting everyday items beyond school supplies a challenge. That’s why Meijer created the Care Packager, a way for students to let loved ones know they’re thinking about them, maybe they’re missing home cooked meals and that they’re running low on supplies essential to life away from home.

Recently, the Meijer Care Packager made its first stop to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Students had the opportunity to send a quick video message and a list of what they’re running low on – everything from socks to a bike lock to granola bars. Students were invited to participate as they headed to a U of M vs. Michigan State basketball game – making for a fun and energetic atmosphere.

The Care Packager will hit the road in the coming months, traveling throughout the Meijer region to help students stay connected to loved ones and possibly get a refill of some much needed supplies.

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